Factory opening in Colombia to support of the economic reopening

Colombia president visit to Palmira

Last March, Unilever Colombia celebrated the inauguration of its new Home Care products factory in the town of Palmira, Valle del Cauca. Andrés González, General Manager of Unilever Colombia, together with the President of Colombia Iván Duque, made official the opening of the new factory, which benefits the growth and development of the town and the region of El Valle, with the generation of more than 378 new jobs.

With an investment of 46 million dollars, this will be the production center for some of the most recognized brands in Colombia, such as Aromatel, Savital, Bioexpert and eGo. This is in addition to a total investment of more than 150 million dollars that Unilever has made in recent years in this production complex, which also includes a detergent factory and a logistics operations center.

"This investment reflects our confidence in the future of the country, its economy and its industry, for the economic reopening. With our new factory, we bet on the soon return to normality, regional employment, and the strengthening of the country as an exporter of capacity. Colombia is a strategic country for Unilever thanks to its sustainable production environment, geographic location and industrial development ", says Andrés González.

For Unilever, it is a matter of pride that, despite the difficult challenges posed by Covid-19, its production in Colombia did not stop for a single day during the pandemic. Today, thanks to the commitment of its people and careful attention to health and safety protocols, Unilever Colombia has been able to realize the dream of putting this new factory into operation.

"In 2012 we had the vision of creating an integrated center of our high-efficiency production chain in Palmira. The dream was to exceptionally combine the manufacture and distribution of our products in Colombia. Today, we see with deep satisfaction the great contribution that our operation has brought this region and its people, "adds Andrés González.

Thanks to this opening, now more than 220 thousand tons of products will be produced per year, with a high export capacity to various Latin American countries such as Bolivia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay and Venezuela. In recent years, in Colombia we have increased our export capacity by 135%.

In addition, the new plant is equipped with advanced technology that enables the implementation of quality and efficient processes for the transformation and packaging of Personal Care and Home Care products.

The growth and transformation of our business in Colombia will continue to be supported by two non-negotiable priorities: the safety and well-being of our people, and the quality of products that make a difference for our consumers. That is the true sense of purpose of Unilever's sustainable industrial vision.

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